Options & Specs

What option for no. of drilling can I choose from? At present 28, 32 or 36.

What colors are available? Black, Red, Blue, Green

Will there be more colors available? We are working to extend our coating palette, at the same time our top priority for coating remains its durability and anti-scratch features.

What dropout/fork mounting option can I choose from? Options will allow to choose between 9mm QR and 15mm thru axle for Front, and 9mm QR, 135×10 thru axle and 142×12 thru axle for Rear. Also front 9mm thru axle (DT Swiss) will be also available in the future.

Is there a plan to support 135×12 thru axle on the rear hub? Yes, 135×12 caps are available for rear XC hub.

Can I use Centerlock brake rotors with Trailmech hubs? At present we offer only IS 6-bolt mounting.

Which cassette can I use? 8 – 11 speed MTB Shimano cassette.

Can I use 11 speed cassette (Sram XX1)? Yes, we offer XD driver compatible freehub.

What about 20 thru axle support for front? We see this rather as different application, not simply mounting option, DH/Free ride. We plan to have dedicated design for DH.


Technology & Materials

What painting technology is used by Trailmech? We run special temperature coating process which allows us to produce durable protection for all hub components.

I do not use spider based cassette. Can I still run Trailmech hubs with alloy freehub safely? We do not recommend such an option. It leads to marks (dents) on the freehub body, which may negatively impact cassette installation and removal.

Is there a plan to offer steel made freehub version? Not at present

What are the features to keep water and dust can I rely on? We design with this idea in mind. Unlike for the majority of other hubs, our mechanism – VRT, is not situated right at the freehub and hub’s body joint, but farther with in hub’s shell. Our equipment also permits us to achieve very low tolerance for each component, making an assembly already well sealed off. Finally we install specially designed hub seals: 2 for Front hub and 3 for Rear. BTW – Each bearing also has its own set of rubber seals.

Do you have plans for straight spokes? Yes, we are working on this option.

What kind of Aluminum do you use? Al 7075.

Where is Trailmech production facility? In Ukraine, in the city of Poltava.