Technology – The Vortex System

Your experience of how controllable your ride is, depend on a quickness that your bike responds to your actions and whether the response is always predictable. As far as the wheel system of the bike is concerned, the choice of a freewheeling system has a decisive influence on these aspects.

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Trailmech’s patented Vortex system is unlike any other freewheeling system on the market. In traditional systems contact surfaces of ratchet plates are parallel to each other. While contact surfaces of the Vortex system positioned askew. They resemble two complementary cones.

Vortex system has almost instant engagement. It ranges between 6 to 7.2 degrees. The engagement has a progressive lock, so stronger you pedal the stronger the engagement. The conical design effectively expands the contact surfaces’ engagement area. Thereby increasing the torque that the system can reliably transfer to a wheel. Finally, Vortex’s durability is derived from hardness, friction and wear characteristics of specially treated steel it is made from.

The innovative design of the Vortex system and its performance was recognized by Design & Innovation Award 2020, with Enduro Boost rear hub named as a Winner in the Components category.

Vortex – Engaged Mode

The Vortex is locked, the contact plates are completely engaged with all the teeth of the both plates meshing with each other.

Vortex – Disengaged Mode

The teeth slide up along each other, pushing the contact plates in opposite directions and creating a visible gap between the teeth. The Vortex is in the unlocked mode.