Gravel Hubs

Our latest addition to the family of competitive gear – Gravel hubs won the Design & Innovation Award 2022 (DI.A), Road Components category.

Enduro & All Mountain
Enduro Boost Hub Set

Enduro & All Mountain

That is where both the trails and the rigs start to get more demanding. What is available from our range to get you there? Gravity fans out there – you are invited as well. Read on.

Gravel Hub Set


This category continues to evolve by the day. Its boundaries may seem as blurred when it comes to its relation to both Road and MTB. Time to delve into that further.

Trailmech XCR Boost Hub Set XD
XCR Boost Hub Set XD

Cross-Country & Trail

The classical, the racing one, and the most widespread MTB category. It is fast, versatile, and agile. We got something that is just that – the XCR.

Hubs Selection Guide

Not sure which hubs meet your needs or where to start the search? As with many other challenges, the approach is to break down the complexity into smaller components. Whether Trailmech or other make, we outline several areas to consider. Review them and you will be more confident deciding which hubs is to go for.

Hub Engagement Fundamentals

What is hub engagement system and its major qualities? What about POE, how much does it matter? Follow this guide to get a better understanding about this essential element of most hubs.

Hub Engagement Designs Guide

Curious about various designs of bicycle hub engagement systems and their specifics? There are famous names and some less know, that besides stand out. Read on to know more.

Hub Compatibility & Standards Guide

There is one area to be clear about – standards. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into incompatibility trap. Refer to this guide to be on top of this subject.