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Thanks to its design Enduro rear hub continue to perform even when service is irregular and infrequent. The Vortex drive mechanism resides inside the hub, unlike for majority of other hubs where it is at the junction of driver (freehub) and hub’s shell.

Table of Contents

1. Enduro Maintenance Interval

2. Enduro Rear – Change of Driver

3. Tools and Materials

4. Step-by-step Procedure

5. Maintenance Review

1. Enduro Maintenance Interval

For Enduro rear hub the general guideline for maintenance intervals is 6 – 12 months under regular dry conditions. Or every 3 months under mostly wet, high humidity or rainy conditions.

Moisture with the time gets into hub’s internals. It is the primary cause of bearings poor performance and ultimately failure. It is not a threat to the rear hub’s Vortex mechanism other parts, though. It is dust and dirt accumulating internally that may speed up hub’s wear. All these factors may affect hub’s performance.

2. Enduro Rear – Change of Driver

Trailmech XCR Enduro Drivers
Trailmech XCR XD-compatible (left) and Enduro HG Drivers (right)

In addition to the regular maintenance, there is yet another scenario to bother oneself with Enduro hub’s technicalities. That is when changing to a different drive train standard. Predominantly it means swapping the hub’s driver (aka freehub) to a different one. Different types of drivers, XD-compatible, classic HG and others, all have their specific Drive-Side (DS) end caps.

Always replace the end cap together with the driver, if you swap it to a different type.

3. Tools and Materials

Recommended maintenance tools - Enduro Service Toolkit
Trailmech Enduro Service Toolkit

Our recommendation is to use for service and maintenance our Enduro Service Toolkit. Alternatives are either:

A) similar bearing press tool or
B) combination of a rubber mullet and a set of bearing sockets.

The latter option is for experienced bike mechanics only. It requires caution handling not to damage the bearings.

For lubrication use quality SAE 5W or 10W synthetic oil. Automotive engine oil spec’d 10W-30, 5W-40 or equivalent. Apply oil to the Vortex parts and splines on the hub’s shell. Several drops of oil are enough, do not overfill. Lubricants with higher viscosity: thick types of oils and any types of greases are not recommended, as they may cause engagement problems. If no suitable oil is available, use quality chain lube instead.

Do not use citrus based or acidic solvents to clean hub shell splines, bearing and other parts. It can damage the anodized coating and other hub’s components, like O-rings and seals.

Enduro rear hub’s maintenance procedure follows the same universal principle of removing the driver to get to the Vortex mechanism and bearings. Unlike for XCR or Gravel rear hubs it cannot be done without using tools. Enduro’s driver (freehub) features an outer bearing, positioned between the Vortex mechanism and the shell of the hub. Interested to know why it is so? Continue reading about Enduro award winning design.

4. Step-by step Procedure

Step 1. Press out the driver with hub’s axle from its shell.

Step 2. If bearings service or replacement is required, remove the driver from the axle. Then mount the driver back on to the axle, once serviced.

Step 3. Clean and lubricate the mechanism and hub’s shell splines.

Step 4. Re-assemble the hub by pressing the axle with the driver back into the hub’s shell.

5. Maintenance Review

After re-assembling the hub do the basic check. Axle and driver of the properly assembled hub should run smoothly and easily without any play or rattling. Driver must be leveled with the shell and its outer bearing should not protrude out.

The procedure of Enduro rear hub’s maintenance is no different in principle to the one of XCR or Gravel hubs. Remove the driver first. Clean and lubricate the mechanism. Inspect or service the bearings. And finally, re-assemble in the reverse order. It just requires appropriate tools to perform, like Enduro Service Toolkit.

Contact us or our dealers in case of any questions or if further help is needed.